Trail Of Lies – Cecilia Lion


I was using my new camera to perv on my new stepsister make really cool timelapses when Cecilia found the damn thing and made up random lies about me. Same thing happened when I was smelling her panties checking on the laundry. Again, more lies. And for the grand finale my super hot stepsister was trying to lie to all of us by sneaking out of the house to party when I caught her. And guess what? She wanted me to fix the problem with big fat lies. One thing I can’t lie about though, is the way her ass looked in those panties. Or when it was bouncing on my big cock as I fucked her from behind. I think she liked sucking her stepbrother’s dick, she was really enthusiastic about it. She rode me for a little bit and then I got on top of her and she kept telling me to cum in her pussy, not gonna lie – I ended up giving her a nice creampie just like she asked for. The moral of the story is… don’t lie?? I’ll get back to you on that one.