Getting It Out Of My System – Lolly Dames


I’ve been fairly close with my stepsister Lolly for awhile now, so I was there to support her the first time she got married. She was obviously super nervous and overthinking everything, but I tried to console her. Surprsingly, she was worried about ‘onedickitus’ or having sex with only 1 cock for the rest of her life. What a freak! I guess I understand where she is coming from but it’s a little weird because she’s my stepsister and all. This is where things start to get super weird!! She starts telling me she just needs to have one more dick, just to get it out of her system before her wedding date… and she tries to convice me that if the dick was mine that it won’t be cheating… because I’m her stepbrother?? Woah. Once it’s out there she starts being demanding about it too! It didn’t take long for my big cock to be ramming her pussy from behind. You could tell she really liked it the way she moaned, her big tits flopped around as I pounded her. My stepsister has a perieced pussy too, she couldn’t stop rubbing it while I fuck her in missionary. You could tell this wasn’t her first rodeo the way she rode my in cowgirl, her ass looked so good bouncing up and down. She even let me bust my nut in her mouth, such a freak! Hopefully, that got rid of her nerves about her wedding tomorrow.