Just For Quarantine – Meana Wolf


Your sister has been really getting on your nerves. She’s always tackling you and putting her fingers in your mouth and screeching “I’m gonna give you the Rona!!!!!” This Quarantine is driving you insane. Your mom is never home, so it’s just you and your sister. Day in, Day out. You’re tired of video games and YouTube. You haven’t seen your girlfriend in weeks. You can’t even jerk off because your sister is always hassling you for attention. You’re both snapping at each other all the time. Today she gets on top of you and starts tickling you. Your dick involuntarily gets hard as your sister’s tits bounce in your face. She feels it. She giggles and says “You know, some of my girlfriends are doing this thing with their brothers. It’s called ‘just for quarantine’”. You never realized it, but your sister is just as sexually frustrated as you, and she’s been giving you signals this whole time. You protest, but she says “Come on, it’s Just for Quarantine”.