The First Step – Meana Wolf


You couldn’t remember what happened, but when you opened your eyes that morning… you were in your Step Daughter’s bed. You knew nothing happened. At least… you think you knew. But that was enough to make you swear off the bottle for good. You started going to meetings and everything. You never wanted to be out of control like that again. Your wife is working a double shift tonight and you’re feeling weak. You call your sponsor to get back on track… stay strong. But when you open the door your step daughter is pouring you a glass. You say no… over and over… you don’t want to lose control again. But she likes it when you lose your inhibitions. She likes the way you look at her… how you subtly touch her when you’ve had a few and you forget that she’s your step daughter. She lays back and spreads her legs. Her wet little pussy dripping for her daddy. You slide a finger in… “Yeah, I know we shouldn’t,” she says “Does that make you wanna do it any less?”