The Next Night – Meana Wolf


The first night she just wanted to spend time with you. It was so innocent… or so you thought. She hovered over you when you shut your eyes and drifted off. You saw that look in her eye. Daughters aren’t supposed to look at their fathers that way. The next night you couldn’t help it… you wanted to know what she’d do. So you closed your eyes again and pretended to drift off. Through your squinted eyes in the dark you saw her touch herself and whisper “daddy”. She pulled back the covers…you couldn’t stop her. Then she’d know you were pretending. But your dick was hard for her. You’d never thought about her in that forbidden way. The next, next night you shut your eyes almost instantly. Your daughter’s fantasy is getting out of control as she pulls off her little shorts and gets on top of you. Your cock is so hard. She grabs it and rubs it agains her wet little pussy and finally slips it in. No dad could nap through that.