The Bet – Meana Wolf


A new step-sibling isn’t an easy thing to adjust to. Especially one so precocious as your new stepsister Meana. It was bad enough that her and her mom were sexy as hell. You’d jerked it repeatedly to the sudden presence of tits and ass around the house. But now your dad was fucking your new stepmom loudly in the other room and It was too much to bare. Meana noticed it too. Its not like this isn’t equally exciting for her. She’s a young women living with a new stepdad and stepbrother. It’s only natural for naughty things to happen in the night. She says her and her mother share everything…. and that she’d love to fuck your dad. She asks: “Would you fuck my mom?” And you have to admit you like the idea. So she suggests the most twisted bet you’ve ever heard… fuck each other’s parents. The first step sibling to fuck the other’s parent wins. But for now, you’re both so horny, you’ll settle for fucking each other first.