I Think You Like It – Meana Wolf


You stumbled into her room and plopped yourself down onto your sister’s bed. Your voice is slurred, your vision is blurry. Maybe you partied a little too hard tonight. She protests. Calls you the most annoying brother ever. But that doesn’t stop you from drifting off right there in the middle of her bed. When you open your eyes again your sister is giggling. In your stupor you popped a boner. Your sister takes a picture and touches the tip with her finger. She laughs uncontrollably. But you drift off again. The room is still spinning. When you open your eyes your sister is on top of you… grinding on your boner. And then you feel your cock in her mouth. “It’s not my fault, you came into my room and put your cock in my mouth. You don’t remember” she lies. Your little sister is taking advantage of you…. But you think you like it.