Brother & Sister Have A Weird Plan – Jaybbgirl


Can I talk to you for a sec? Look so you know I don’t snoop around and that I respect privacy. Welllll, I was in your room and welllll your laptop was open….and I might or might not have looked at it. Okay, I did. There was something on it, it was ummm porn. And then I got curious and looked at your porn history and I saw they type of stuff you watch. The chicks also all kind of look like mommy. No bro, it’s okay! I uhhh I have a confession and I think you’re on the same page as me. I want to fuck daddy…you clearly want to fuck mommy….but they would never go for that. Unless! Hear me out, just give it some thought. We fucked. Why do we need to fuck? Well the only way I could think they would fuck us is to keep us from fucking. They’d hate us fucking. They would do literally anything to stop. So there, boom, good plan. They HAVE to catch us in the act though. They should be home any second, you need to hurry up. Put your cock in me and let’s get fucking. I don’t want it any more than you do, but it’s the only way I can think of to get what we want.