Seducing Mom bc Your GF is Prude – Mama Fiona


It is MOVIE NIGHT with your M-o-m and you are one horny boy! Why???? Because your girlfriend is just NOT treating you the way you deserve. A man like you has needs! And according to you, there is no woman more perfect to help you fulfill those needs than your super hott and sensual m-o-m! I am resistant at first because you are my s-o-n. But then you start suckling on my breasts like when you were little, kneading them, suckling…. And I start to get aroused. When you tell me about your prude girlfriend… well then I start to take charge! Nobody is going to put my s-o-n in 2nd place! If your silly little undeserving girlfriend won’t take care of you…I certainly will. Its wrong babe, its VERY wrong. But… I want to help my s-o-n. It also isn’t terrible that you happen to have the most perfect dick I’ve ever laid eyes on…. Oh goodness. I hope your girlfriend “doesn’t” find out how much you love fucking your own M o t h e r!