Love Me Daddy – Xev Bellringer


All I ever wanted was your love, Dad. Ever since that week Mom was gone… that week you saw me as a woman and not just your little girl anymore, I’ve wanted you. It started so innocently, when I laid my head on your lap and… felt you get excited. But you could barely talk to me, let alone look at me when you found out I was pregnant with your son.

Dad, I’m glad it happened. Just show me that you still love me… and touch me. My breasts are full of milk because of you. They’re so tender, bigger than when you last saw them. Mom’s not here, it’s just us again for the whole weekend… Put your hands all over me, make me feel wanted Dad. Mmm…Oh yes… My shirt is going to soak through with milk if you keep squeezing… They feel like they’re about to burst, you’ll have to suck the milk out. Put your mouth on my nipples and suc-Ohh! You’re so gentle, please keep going…

Dad? You’re… hard. Why not? Why couldn’t we just… do it again. Love me like you did, Dad. Even if it’s just this once.