You Owe Me – Vienna Black


I (Levi Cash) love going on vacation with my family. Apparently, so does my stepsister Vienna Black. She hooked up with a random last night & our parents would be mad at her if they knew! Vienna is happy to agree to owing me a favor as long as I promise not to rat her out. Deal! The thing is she has been walking around in her panties all day. No bra either, all kinds of nipples poking about. Plus this is MY vacation too, I want to have some fun! I tell my stepsister that it’s time to collect and at first she is a little shocked – but that doesn’t stop her pussy from getting wet when I finger it. She seems eager to suck my big cock after that, so I let her chow down. I think I could’ve gotten away with anything at the point she was so horny! She let me fuck her in doggy and then rode me vigorously. Just as she orgasmed I pulled out and shot my load directly into her open mouth. She still one-upped me on this vacation, so I think we’ll have to do this again.